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SpeakeasyForSports is an exclusive networking platform for sport professionals to connect and share opportunities for collaboration, knowledge, and resources that are unique to the industry. You don't need to wait for in-person tournaments and conferences to shake hands - expand your network today. The tools and relationships you need to accelerate your career are available 365 days a year on SpeakeasyForSports.


“As I’ve seen in the industry over the past 30 years, one of the biggest challenges is creating authentic relationships with a variety of other coaches and professionals. This platform provides folks in hoops the opportunity to connect, network, and share resources — something that’s never been available to us but necessary now more than ever.”

Eric Musselman
Head Coach - University of Arkansas

“The athletic industry has always been a profession where you are generally on your own. There just aren’t many formal pathways for understanding career growth. Like any business, young professionals need guidance on how to develop and advance in the industry. A community committed to career growth and development can be a game-changer for young athletic professionals."

Bob Walsh
Assistant Coach - Providence College

“With the nature of the basketball industry, coaches are constantly changing jobs. This make it difficult to learn who has filled certain roles and makes it even harder to build authentic relationships with those people. With Speakeasy, the vetting process they have built has created a seamless process in organizing communities based on an individual’s role, level of play or interest - so that we can seamlessly connect with the people that we need to.”

Ryan Richman
Assistant Coach - Washington Wizards